Announcing the new website for the Southwestern Center for Early Christian Studies (SCECS)

The Southwestern Center for Early Christian studies (SCECS) is pleased to announce the launch of a new website dedicated to the study of the early church. In recent years Evangelicalism and early Christianity have been intersecting in new and exciting ways. Every month it seems there are conferences surveying the life and thought of the early church, seminars retrieving early Christian thought, or new publications engaging the early Christian world. As an institution, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is uniquely positioned to have an important voice in these conversations.

Through this website, the SCECS aims to facilitate concentrated research and teaching in early Christianity that recovers these important theological voices of the past. This website will be a clearing house for patristics resources. The features of website will include discussions of current research in patristics, news about events and conferences related to the early church, regular updates about resources for early Christian studies, interviews and lectures on topics related to the study of the early church, and much more.

While Southwestern has a long history of dedicated research in the early church, the presence of the SCECS will build upon this foundation and facilitate a collaborative research environment for students and faculty interested in patristics. The current faculty of the Southwestern have a range of specializations and research interests in the early church including various doctrinal, hermeneutical, archeological, cultural/historical, and philosophical topics. The confluence of these interests will strengthen the contribution of the SCECS and help make Southwestern an exciting place to study early Christianity.

The efforts of the SCECS will shape the content of this website as we seek out ways to gather together students, ministers, and scholars to engage the life and thought of the ancient church. These developments truly make Southwestern a premiere place to study the early church as we prepare students to serve the church and proclaim the Gospel.

Anyone interested in receiving more information about the SCECS and any regular updates concerning special events or new posts should contact:

Dr. Stephen Presley
Associate Professor of Church History
Director of the Southwestern Center for Early Christian Studies
817.923.1921 x6870