Second Century Seminar Recap – Spring 2018

Last night faculty and students from academic institutions all over Texas gathered for the first Spring meeting of the Second Century Seminar (for more information about the seminar see here). Hosted at the University of Dallas, the participants listened to an... Read More »

Paige Patterson on location in Nicaea and Nyssa

Interested in a quick introduction to some of the theological controversies of the early church? Below we have a few videos featuring Southwestern President Paige Patterson that summarize some of the important Christological debates of the early church. Each ... Read More »

Second Century Seminar Meetings – Spring 2018

This spring the Second Century Seminar –also known as the Seminar on the Development of Early Catholic Christianity– will host two meetings at the University of Dallas. This seminar is one of the longest-running regional patristic seminars in the c... Read More »

Some Resources for Researching in Early Christianity

In my seminary courses in church history, students often ask, “What are the best resources for studying the early church?” Many want to get started reading and researching the church fathers, but don’t know where to begin. So below I’ve gat... Read More »

Athanasius on Scripture

By Brian Burns Writing a blog post about Athanasius of Alexandria is dangerous business. To some, he was a violent political opportunist who made Michael Corleone look like an upstanding citizen. To others, he was a courageous defender of orthodoxy who stood a... Read More »

New Book! Retrieving History: Memory and Identity Formation in the Early Church

This week I want to highlight another publication from one of our own, Stefana Laing. I worked with Stefana for several years at Southwestern’s Houston campus and always enjoyed our conversations about the early Church. Recently she published a new book enti... Read More »

NAPS 2017 Recap

The annual meeting of the North American Patristics Society is an excellent opportunity to make new friends, reconnect with old friends, hear interesting papers, and bring home new books. This year was even more joyous and eventful than usual. SouthwesternR... Read More »

New Lecture: Engaging a Theology of Vocation in the Early Church

This past spring, Dr. Stephen Presley delivered a lecture for The Land Center for Cultural Engagement entitled, “Engaging a Theology of Vocation in the Early Church.” In this lecture, Presley paints a picture of life in the early Christian world an... Read More »

New Book: Intertextuality in the Second Century

Southwestern faculty publish regularly, and occasionally, this site will feature announcements about their work. Recently, Brill published a volume entitled, Intertextuality in the Second Century. The volume is co-edited by Jeff Bingham, Southwestern’s D... Read More »

SWBTS Courses in Early Christian Studies – Fall 2017 and Spring 2018

Every academic year, Southwestern Seminary offers a range of courses for students interested in early Christianity. Fall 2017 Studies in Early Christianity (CHAHT  4113), taught by Dr. Dongsun Cho This course offers graduate students a thorough introduction... Read More »

Announcement: Lecture on Vocation in the Early Chruch

Announcement: Wednesday, April 5, Dr Presley will deliver a lecture on campus on behalf of Southwestern’s Land Center for Cultural Engagement entitled: “The Theology of Vocation in the Early Church: Reflections on Tertullian, Hippolytus, and Cypria... Read More »

Seminar on the Development of Early Catholic Christianity – April 6

On April 6, Jeff Bingham, Southwestern’s Dean of the School of Theology, and Stephen Presley, the director of the SCECS, will present a paper at the Seminar on the Development of Early Catholic Christianity entitled: “50 Years in the Second Century... Read More »