NAPS 2017 Recap

The annual meeting of the North American Patristics Society is an excellent opportunity to make new friends, reconnect with old friends, hear interesting papers, and bring home new books.

This year was even more joyous and eventful than usual. Southwestern’s own Jeffrey Bingham began a one year term as president of the Society. With his ascension to the presidency and a successful conference, his term as vice-president came to a happy end.

Other Southwestern faculty and students involved in the conference included Stephen Presley who presented a paper entitled “Private Scripture Reading in the Early Church.” His work surveyed some early Christian discussions of the relationship between hermeneutics and non-liturgical scripture reading. Two postgraduate students, Brian Burns and Zach Lycans, also presented short summaries of their research on Athanasius in pre-dissertation workshops.

As always, the annual meeting was marked by a spirit of warm collegiality and friendship.

We at the SCECS hope to see you at the meeting next year!


From Left: Brian Burns, Dr Jeffrey Bingham, Zach Lycans, Craig Keller, Josh Gibb, and Dr Stephen Presley