New Database on Paul and Patristics

The Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of Oxford recently published a new database on the use of Pauline writings in the Church Fathers.

The initial findings of this research project were published in The Pauline Effect: Early Christian Use of the Pauline Epistles (de Gruyter, 2015), but this new database includes more than 200 works and over 27,000 entries. It also provides charts and interactive graphs that project summaries of the findings.

The study was done in collaboration with a similar project at the University of Birmingham that produced a Database of Quotations of the Pauline Epistles in select Greek and Latin fathers found here.

For more information see the announcement here, or go directly to the site Paul and Patristics here.

For anyone interested in patristic exegesis this is sure to be a helpful resource and continue to support the important work of recovering premodern exegesis.