New video: Coffee and Patristics with Michael Svigel

For those who weren’t able to attend the third annual Coffee and Patristics event last week, below is the video of the conversation.

This year, Michael Svigel, Department Chair and Professor of Theological Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, joined us to discuss his recent publication, The Center and the Source: Second Century Incarnational Christology and Early Catholic Christianity.

In his book, Svigel discusses what he terms the “incarnational narrative” that unifies Christian identity in the second century. This incarnational narrative is a theological summary of the key events surrounding the work of God in Christ and found in various forms within the Christian writings of the early church. These writings not only share similar accounts of the Christ event, but the location of the writings span to the breadth of the ancient world. This implies that the “incarnational narrative” was both common and widespread.

Svigel’s work is another voice challenging scholars (especially Harnack and Bauer) who have blurred the lines between orthodoxy and heresy in the early church.